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Services to these industries

ATS Healthcare

"It was a pleasure working with PharmEng. They were very professional and able to grasp our Program and what we wanted to accomplish. They brought some great ideas and how to achieve it to meet the goals and complete the project effectively.”

Paul Rambajan
Quality Assurance Manager
ATS Healthcare


Vaccine Research & Develop Centre

"I really appreciate your expertise in the the utilities are running quite smoothly as a result of your supervision in the commissioning phase...”

Mark Li
Facility Manager

"...thank you for all your hard work and effort"

Pele Chong
Distinguished Investigator & Developer


Canadian Analytical Laboratories Inc

""I want to thank you and your team for doing excellent job in timely manner.

Ashish Brahmbhatt
Director of Laboratories


Arkema Inc.

"PharmEng helped us finish our validation project on time and on budget. We appreciated the way PharmEng dedicated resources to focus only on our project and worked side-by-side with us to understand the plant and develop the validation. This being our first validation, they also took the time to educate us along the way. "

Steve Hayden
Quality & Logistics Manager
Arkema Inc. - Memphis ,TN



"PharmEng has played a vital role in our successes and your dedication/ commitment has resulted in our ability to complete your work below the original purchase value. I thank you for all that you have done to support Wyeth and please pass on my thanks and appreciation to your team.”

Steve Errico
former Director, Project Engineering at Wyeth


The University of Western Ontario

“...the PharmEng team was able to deliver everything that was asked of them – on time and including every small detail. I would not hesitate to hire PharmEng again for future projects regardless of the subject areas...

The University of Western Ontario manages over a billion dollars worth of buildings and infrastructure. We have successfully built some of the most sophisticated research and support buildings in the world.

We choose our partners and consultants very carefully. In this case, I am particularly proud of our choice to partner with PharmEng...”

Dan Sinai
Director, Research Western



“Our inspection went extremely well. There were no 483’s, only a couple of minor observations that we resolved by updating a couple of SOP’s before they left. Their comments to us in the exit interview were very rewarding,

- ‘an excellent QC group’

- ‘the best maintained API site they have seen’

- ‘the best API site they have audited’

So you can see that we made the right impression. Thanks again to PTI for the great prep audit. I am looking forward to seeing your new facility soon and hosting any future PharmEng employees.”

David Munn
Director, QA


Canadian Blood Services

“Because of your tireless efforts and ability to stay focused, you managed to keep us on track in planning the laboratories and made sure we stayed on top of the issues at hand. Without your knowledge, experience and dedication, the project would not have been completed as quickly or proceeded as smoothly as it did. The guidance you provided to the staff and management group was invaluable.”

Robert Fallis
Laboratory Manager


Sepracor Canada Ltd.

“Dear Mr. Kwong:

I am writing this letter as an endorsement of the exemplary performance demonstrated at out site this year by you Senior Consultant, Asad Yasdanshenas. Asad came to our site to assist myself with the construction management component of our major renovation here at Sepracor Canada Ltd after working in the background with Bernt Brandt on the detailed engineering. I cannot emphasize enough how valuable his assistance has been to me this year. Asad was able to come to the site and within a matter of hours be up to speed on the project and begin providing assistance. Asad has impressed not only myself but the entire management team at Sepracor Canada Ltd. With his work ethic and ability to get the job done. He was able to fit in immedialty with our close knit department and was a welcome addition to all our activities.”

Marcel Falkenham
Senior Project Engineer