You need to know how to perform aseptic simulation testing because it is the pharmaceutical industry’s standard testing process for new pharmaceuticals. Since it is a standard test, many agencies have attempted to standardize the procedure to make it more uniform.

Regulations and guidelines have been revised and painstakingly documented. Unfortunately these attempts at standardization have only served to cause more confusion, “especially when it comes to interpreting the information and applying it in the real world setting”.

With all the confusion you may be wondering why you need know how to perform aseptic simulation in the pharmaceutical industry. As leaders in the consulting firms in the pharmaceutical industry, we can come up with three reasons why.

  • Regulations require aseptic simulation testing procedures
  • Aseptic simulation testing is good business practice
  • Aseptic testing proves the product will work as expected

But if industry leaders and regulators can’t agree on a standard set of procedures, to perform aseptic simulation, how are you going to be able to make sure you are proceeding correctly?

This is where and independent third-party consultant can help. We have technicians who are experts in this field and can show you how to do your aseptic simulation according to the latest guidelines.

Our technicians can work with you to study your testing needs and move the process in the proper direction. We can even help in auditing your supply chain to ensure that you have the sterile supplies, in hand with little or no waste of expensive testing supplies.

All else considered aseptic simulation is an important process for any pharmaceutical company. It makes sense that you not only know the process but perform it correct per industry guidelines. PharmEng is a company with knowledgeable technicians that can help you through the toughest testing regulations.

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