Three words that have been in the pharmaceutical industry for years are Standard operating procedure (SOP). These procedures control the steps someone takes to produce a product. An SOP can usually be written by anyone who has knowledge of the work flow.

Consent decree services are becoming more important in the pharmaceutical industry. Earlier this year the New York Attorney General attempted to bar dietary supplement sales due to inaccurate analysis of DNA testing. Other states’ attorney generals joined in, and the result is an increase in federal oversight of the pharmaceutical industry.

This all culminated in a total of 117 pharmaceutical companies being charged with criminal actions and having civil injunctions imposed on them. Some of these pharmaceutical companies’ executives were not only arrested, but their personal and companies’ assets and investments were frozen and seized.

With the FDA and various state and other federal government agencies raising bars to overwhelming heights in the pharmaceutical industry, consent decree services become mandatory. Being unable to or lagging behind complying with new regulations will become more common, and so your company will need to make this legal agreement with the government rather than face worse punitive actions.

Even compounding pharmacies are coming under intensifying scrutiny by the FDA. They’ve recently stipulated a long list of ingredients that they can no longer use to manufacture special forms of drugs for patients with special needs not covered by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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